"Joan speaks from the heart using scripture passages and real life experiences to illustrate how Christ directs her life. She has touched lives since she was six years old and she continues to touch people with her understanding of God and how he gives meaning to our lives."

Helen Harold
West Salem, WI

"God has given Joan a clear calling to this speaking ministry. I have watched Joan's speaking ministry develop from its beginnings in the leadership of a small group Bible study, through delivering weekly lectures to the whole Bible study group, to speaking at a womens retreat. Joan brings messages of insight and practical application from Gods Word. As she speaks you can't help but catch the sincerity of Joans message, the genuine love she has for her Lord, and the hours she spends in His presence."

Susan Hawkins
Director of Womens Ministry
Williams Trace Baptist Church
Sugar Land, TX

"Joan is an enthusiastic, spirit-filled woman who radiates a deep, personal faith. I have known her for many years now and never cease to be edified by her simple, child-like dependence on God for every possible need. Always in prayer, she has the eyes of faith to see His hand at work in every circumstance. Joan encounters each day as an adventure of faith and is calling others to come along and discover the riches of a life fully abandoned to God!"

Lisa Timm
Poughkeepsie, NY

"Joan Spitz is a very inspirational speaker. She is a transparent vessel through which God's message flows. She uses humor and sincerity is equal amounts to deliver the message of God's love and his plan for our lives.As a person, she is a prayer warrior like none I have ever met. Her love for God is evidenced in her "praying without ceasing." She has experienced the Holy Spirit's voice and has acted on it with miraculous results. She loves enveloping herself in God's word.
"She is a loving wife and mother of three daughters - all of whom provide ample material for her talks about God's forgiveness and love."
"She is rich in spiritual gifts as well as god given talent. She is submissive to God's will and eagerly awaits his next challenge for her."
"You will definitely be blessed when God delivers his message to you through her."

Deanna McDonald, MD
Sugar Land, TX

"Joan is a remarkable and gifted Christian. I have known her since 1974 and have felt her inner warmth and sensitivity to others. Her sermons reflect a caring nature and tell of God's love and grace. Always there is a touching and meaningful message. I highly recommend Joan to you for her calling in the ministry."

Beth Hinck
West Salem, WI

"She speaks of heartfelt topics revealing God's precious personal relationship in her day to day experiences. Witty, humorous and touching, God has truly blessed her with the gift of reaching others for Christ and Joan is faithful in sharing how Christ's love sustains and strengthens her through every life situation."

Michelle Novosad
Events Coordinator
Williams Trace Baptist Church
Sugar Land, TX

"When I heard her speak at my church women's retreat, I came away with specific scriptures to pray, enabling me to meet challenges I was facing as a wife, mother and business woman."
"Joan was very inspirational and right on point"
"Her presentation really moved me and helped on an issue I was having."
"Joan's lecture affected me in such a way that I am confident that God's spirit expressed through her will effect a lasting change in my life."
"She is warm and personal. Even though she was addressing a whole group of us, it was as if she were speaking just to me, in my own living room across my coffee table!"